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Eikona 2 chassis dimensions:



149 mm


baffle cut out diameter

115 mm


pitch of mounting holes

136.5 mm


mounting hole diameter

5.3 mm


overall depth of unit

66 mm


chassis thickness

4 mm

Theil-Small parameters

Cone diameter 100 mm effective diameter
Qts 0.304 total Q
Qes 0.347 electrical Q
Qms 2.432 mechanical Q
Fs 40 Hz, free air resonance
Res 6.0 Ohms, DC resistance
Ls 315.1 µH, series inductance
Lp 472.6 µH, lossy series inductance
Rp 4.954 Ohms, loss across Lp
% shift 42.9 % resonance with box
Vas 14.65 litres, air volume equivalent
mms 9.346 grams, effective mass
cms 1.691 m/N, compliance
bl 6.373 T*m, motor strength
n0 260.2 %, max efficiency
Spl sens 86.15 dB SPL max at 1w absorbed
xmax (lin) +/- 5mm linear
xmax (max) +/- 10 mm maximum
power 50 watts continuous
100 watts peak


Reflex enclosure

The Jordan Eikona 2 gives its optimum vented box performance in a 7.2 litre enclosure with a -3dB point of 50 Hz, making it ideal for use as a stand-mounted monitor. Five or more Eikonas supported by a good sub-woofer make an impressive and discrete home theatre system. Most high quality AVRs have adjustable bass roll-off for the satellite system, further extending the headroom of the system.

VTL Transmission line enclosure

A full-range performance is available when the Eikona is mounted in Ted Jordan’s VTL design. This innovative transmission line was originally designed for the Jordan JX92S but performance is improved with the Eikona. Bass output extends to 40 Hz, a remarkable performance for a 100mm driver in a slim, floor-standing enclosure.

Enclosure calculators

The two links below provide very easy, on-line calculators for determining sealed and reflex box sizes for any given driver:

Sealed box calculator

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