EJ Jordan

E.J. ‘Ted’ Jordan is a legend in the loudspeaker industry. His pioneering work on fullrange drive units began at Goodmans in the 1950s and has spanned almost 60 years of continuous research and development. No other loudspeaker designer today can claim such an unbroken record in the field.

After Goodmans, Ted Jordan and Leslie Watts formed Jordan-Watts Limited to produce a new kind of loudspeaker. The Jordan-Watts Module was the first, true high fidelity, fullrange drive unit. It featuring a 100mm alloy cone and a unique rear suspension design. It sold well throughout the 1960s and 70s. Jordan-Watts Modules and complete loudspeaker systems continue to be high sought-after. In 2015, a pair of the famous, ceramic Jordan-Watts Flagon sold for over £2000 on eBay UK, confirming their collector status.

flagon 01

In the late 60s, Ted worked with John Wright (later of IMF and TDL Loudspeakers) to produce a titanium-cone drive unit. Ted wrote about these and many other developments in the technical press and his seminal book, LOUDSPEAKERS, remains a much sought-after text.


During the 1970s, with the advent of higher power systems, it was time for a new approach. E.J.Jordan Designs was formed and began production of the Jordan 50mm module, a small, light, alloy cone unit which operated as a mid-treble driver, greatly simplifying system design. Used individually or in 4-unit arrays, it was capable of astonishingly realistic performance.

The Jordan 50mm driver continued to be developed and the most advanced incarnation to date is the JXR6-HD. In addition, Ted returned to the concept of the 100mm fullrange speaker with the J91 and later the JX92S. The JX92 has sold many thousands and appeared in high-end loudspeaker designs around the world.

Ted has collaborated with a number of other companies, some of whom continue to market their own versions of his drive units to this day. It was Ted’s desire to produce a loudspeaker drive unit without compromise that led to the development of the Eikona.