The Jordan Eikona 2 is a compact, audiophile drive unit capable of operating from below 40Hz to nearly 20,000Hz. In the appropriate enclosure, it can cover almost the full range of music.

The Eikona 2 has a 100mm Contraflex alloy cone, unique to E. J. Jordan Designs. This robust, responsive cone is the culmination of 50 years of research into loudspeaker drive units and materials. It reproduces high frequencies smoothly and accurately whilst have a bass response which does justice to orchestral music.


The Eikona represents the leading edge of loudspeaker technology, outclassing the competition.The low frequency resonance and Thiel-Small parameters are carefully chosen to give a well-balanced performance in a range of enclosure types, from sealed box and reflex to transmission line and horns. A monster cabinet is not required to get the best from the Eikona!

The Eikona 2 is designed in the UK and is hand-assembled in Denmark by Scan-speak, the world’s premier drive unit manufacturer.